Research topics/研究内容



・化粧品/食品素材 (抗酸化剤、モノアシルグリセロール etc) の生産系の開発
・医薬品素材 (特定の医薬品) の生産系の開発







We are aiming for research achievements with below topics.

R & D for construction of systems producing value-added chemicals using micro-organisms

・Cosmetics/Food chemicals (antioxidants/ MOG etc)
・Medicines (Specific ones)

R & D for direct use of micro-organism cells

・Cosmetic materials using fixed micro-organism cells

R & D for bioremediation and evaluation for environment using micro-organisms

・Bioremediation with oxidative enzymes on micro-organisms/porous medium
・Biosensor based on microbial fuel-cell system

…and so on.
We are always suggesting novel research topics via several research fields excluding rigid limits. Let’s write a lot of papers!