Comments for students

Here, WE freely tweet some comments for all students.
WE hope all students, in not only TUT but also other University, use the comments for making a decision to select laboratory.

 We are pursuing possibilities to use microorganisms for producing of cosmetics and medicines and remediation of environment. In our laboratory, we treat researches as ‘thinking-topics’, meaning that the topics really need the thinking of what kind of strain should be used for purpose, how mechanism should be utilized for actual use, and so on. In our laboratory, the ‘thinking’ is the center of researches.
 What kind of images do you have for researches? For the research, should the high-leveled machines be used for research and/or should you take a lot of samples? In fact, the researches have partially those aspects. However, we think the researches should be deep-studies, meaning that the most important point is ‘thinking’ not but ‘just doing experiments’. For students in our laboratory, I actually teach researches are consisted of 80% ‘thinking’ and 20% ‘doing experiments’. You can use the ‘thinking’ in society after your graduation. Let’s get the power of ‘thinking’ thorough the researches. (9/Apr/2019)