Recently, microbial bioproductions have been attracted a huge attention. As the reason, the bioproductions by microorganisms could avoid a problem derived from molecular chirality, hold a higher possibility to construct macro-molecules than the production based on chemical synthesis and show an environmental friendliness using specific strains.

Herein, we are aiming to construct the basic system realizing a sustainable and recycling society based on green algal co-fermentation and cosmetics and medicine productions by using the genome editing microorganisms. We are also trying to making a plan to construct the technical system for the biosensor with microorganisms immobilized on solid electrodes and for bioremediation with the technical engineering using specific enzymes.

If you have an interest in our research fields based on microorganisms (production for cosmetics and medicines and evaluation/remediation for environment), please contact us without hesitation. You can use English in our laboratory instead of Japanese.